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NE MG T Register

The New England MG 'T' Register is an international organization dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and enjoyment of T-Series and Vintage M.G.s.


The Register was established in 1975, with the sole objective of promoting the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the MGA, Magnette and their Variants.


The North American MGB Register was formed in late 1990 as the result of a strong demand for a non-profit, democratic organization which would be run by MG enthusiasts, for MG enthusiasts.

old speckled hen

Old Speckled Hen was first brewed in 1979 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory there on the 30 November 1979.

Our Mission

Since 1987 the Connecticut MG Club a non-profit British car-loving club based in Connecticut. The club is run solely by volunteers to promote interest in and help foster preservation of MGs and other vintage British motor cars. We are an affiliated chapter of NE MGT Register the North American MGA Register and the North American MGB Register as well as the Connecticut Councils of Car Clubs.

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MG Cars

History and the Brand

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MG T Series 1936-1955

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MG A 1955-1962

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MG B 1962-1980

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MG has a new iteration and are now for sale again in the U.K.

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