We all have our projects. Some are bigger than others. This is a place where you can see resorations in the process. Stop by from time to time or send us your pictures and we will post them with your progress.

Keeping them on the Road

There’s no greater sense of accomplishment in the car world than restoring a classic automobile to it’s former glory, or beyond! Stop in and see what is going on with these projects by our membership. If you would like to add your renovation, restoration, or modification, please let me know and I will add you to the list!


Dana Rindge MGA Roadster

Floor supports repaired and replaced.


Bill Wright MGA Coupe

As she rolled into my yard. She was a driver.

First step is to pull the 1500 engine out. I bought a siezed 1622 engine. It looks like it was run dry of oil in a race. It sat in a garage for 40 years.

I found large parts of pistons all over the place inside!

Honing, cleaning, new pistons, rings, etc for the interior.

The head was machined and set up for unleaded fuel. This is when I found out that this engine was one of the first 300 1622s. It has a 15 head and the larger valves were hand machined out while BMC awaited the new 16 castings to arrive.

A finished engine ready for a installation!

On closer inspection of the coupe, the only thing holding the car together was the paint.

Both sill A and B columns replaced.

The body was removed and I created a rolling jig that lets me store body over the chassis in my tight 1953 garage.

At a Middelsex Tech session when I rebuilt the B rearend which replaced the A rearend in the coupe.

When I put the front suspension back together I added the sway bar which made a big improvement on my '60 MGA roadster.

The coupes windows were a major source of rust. Much fabrication is needed here!


This is where your images will go. Let us know what you are up to in the garage!