2020 Reflections Wanted for the Mowog

Greetings to everyone.
2020 is a year we shall not soon forget. Our world was turned upside down personally and in relation to our LBC passion. As the year winds down, many of you will begin to reflect on what has transpired as it impacted you and your family and friends. The process of reflecting on the year's events is not new, but in most years you would have an opportunity to share those moments with others during some type of holiday gathering . That will not be the case this year. In a "normal" year we would not be publishing a newsletter in December. At our last virtual monthly meeting it was suggested that we could publish an edition of the MOWOG which would include solely what looked like 2020 was from your point of view. The amount of feedback we received would determine whether there would be a newsletter or not. If you would like to share your view of this year, some good I hope, with other club members please send them, in a Word document if possible, to Ed Cooke, our newsletter editor at edcooke@snet.net. The deadline to submit an item will be December 1. Ed has asked that each item be 250 words or less, about 1/2 a page and in the interest of saving space no photos be included with your text. He will construct the MOWOG around your reflections. The response will determine whether we publish a newsletter or not. Thank you all for your commitment to our hobby and club this past year. It makes me proud to be your president.
Please stay safe and well
Safe Travels Al Nosenzo



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