The CT MG Club Run to Rhinebeck Aerodrome  

25 July, 2021: A Day of Adventure to the Aerodrome !!

Join the CT MG Club and TR Club as we drive to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Those who went there a decade ago had a marvellous day looking at flying machines of the Great War years and some thereafter. There will be planes on the ground and in the air, mostly biplanes, fabric-covered, remarkable devices every one, making short take-offs and landings from a grass strip. The action is right there, up close, present to observers, close enough to smell the fumes and to have hats blown off. This is a cool place. In barns are found more engines and aeroplanes, flying suits, aviation equipment, some antique cars, and other historic artefacts. It is living history, from the days of castor-oil lubricants, wire and varnish. For better description, see their site : Our departure will be at 0830 from the Southbury Plaza, a large shopping centre, 100 Main Street (CT 67), just north of the exit from I-84. There is a gas station just to the south of I-84. The route is twisty and quite nice, suited for any cars’ gearing. There are few bathroom stops available in this territory. Consider fluid intake carefully. When we were there before, there was a hot-dog cart and soda stand, and the website says they are open. With Covid still around, who knows what the facilities will be in three weeks. While we will have written instructions for everyone who signs up, it is recommended that everyone have a working CB Radio, tuned to Channel 8. Please write, call, or email: Bob Howard, 203-453-2842, by 22 July if you want to come along. The Museum has asked for a car count in advance, so sooner you tell Bob the better. And, if we have 15 or more and tell them in advance, admission is less, $15 vs $20. 



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